Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MO State Crit Champs

It's been a while I know but outside of training, a trip to Deb's folks in South Datoka, and routine life not much has happened.
It's so much fun knowing 'cross is just around the corner which makes the training/riding seem so much better.  The Bolivar crew (five of us) have the SBU 'cross courses dialed in and seems everyone is going well.  Ira is far better for this time of year than I've ever seen; I expect a solid year for him. 
'Cross bike was ordered and ETA is Sept 1st; looking forward to my first year with a 'pit bike'.  MWI have some great 'sponsors' for the upcoming season and I'll detail as item arrive.  As mentioned in prior posts the kuatracks.com NV is incredible!  Looks super slick on the back of my new race vehicle ('12 Ford Focus - 38mpg) and the ease of loading/unloading is amazing.

Prime parking at State Crit
Dialed in my 'cross season thru State Champs (but with all things with kids it is subject to change):
  • Sept 15/16 - Dogfish Hermann 45+ and Open
  • Sept 22/23 - USGP Madison 45+
  • Sept 26 - Gateway Cross Cup 40+ and Open (non-elite)
  • Sept 29/30 - Boss Cross 1/2 40+ and Open
  • Oct 6/7 - 360 Cup 40+ and Open
  • Oct 19/20/21 - Ruts n Guts/Showdown at Sunset/Ruts n Guts 2 (Tulsa) 40+ and Open
  • Oct 27/28 - Boss Cross 3/4 40+ and Open
  • Nov 10/11 - USGP L'ville 45+
  • Nov 23/24/25 - Jingle Cross 45+
  • Dec 1/2 Boss Cross 5/6 40+ and Open
  • Dec 8/9 Jeff City Something/State Champs
* after this a quick break then on to Nationals (Madison, WI) and then Worlds (L'ville - Hotel already booked)*

This is where I insert (much like with all aspects of my life) how awesome Deb and the boys are to let me engage in this lifestyle and be a goofy wanna be racer; incredible!

Back to present day...

Sunday I headed up to Jeff City for the Masters 40+ State Crit Champs.  Needed to grab a handful of these leading into 'cross to get my body dialed to the suffering.  I've always heard this was a cool course and just had never done it before; my loss as I thought it was not only a solid course, but a cool venue to let us use the Capital area.

Like the way the picture caught the falling rain
Cool temps and rain (literally began on the start line and stopped as we concluded - not kidding) was not representative was the summer we've had and that's a good thing.  Not sure on the number in the field, but appeared a decent turnout.  With no expectation other than suffrage we were off.  Surprisingly the course was not super slick (or maybe I just avoided diving in every corner) and the group moved along pretty well.  I felt pretty good and was able to keep in the top half of the field, but found little to no punch or zip when the pace would get stoked; simply rode hard and would bridge back on the front group lap after lap for the first 30 minutes.  After that it seemed my legs loosened up and things went much better.  JBowes took a spill later in the race and I thing that was about the only issue for our group; that caused splits all over the place and luckily I was able to work well with a couple other guys and grasp on to the leaders.  Before you know it the lap cards were out and with 1 to go I was in 3rd wheel (that didn't last long)...  Not willing to dive the corners like most others I quickly shot back and cruised in at the tail end of the lead group.  Didn't check my finish prior to departure, but it didn't really matter as I got what I needed - race speed and testing the system.

**Both race pictures snagged from Don M?; thanks**

Fun catching up with a couple guys I hadn't seen in a while (MFrench displaying his dismount skillz with road shoes - nice) and before you know it I was heading back home.

Up next is the Sedallia Crit at the end of the month then if it works out right a couple days of the Gateway Cup in STL the first weekend of Sept.

MWI is riding Castelli gear this 'cross season and the below is a shot of our regular 'kit' tops.  I think they are pretty sharp.  The best part of Castelli is access to the San Remo Speedsuits/Cyclocross two-in-one outfits.  These things are sick and hopefully will be in before Hermann.

Home front wise, both little boys head back to school Thursday and Jake to college on Monday.  That summer went fast!  Ian's playing with a soccer team (diversifying) in SGF while D is staying with YMCA soccer in Bolivar.  Jake just picked up his 4th long board (designed for long distance usage) and plans to make several long weekend trips around Missouri and neighboring states.