Monday, June 10, 2013

True to the secondary title; we've been busy

Been a bit since an update so here it is in a nutshell:

Training/Racing - Training has been great, but racing has been pretty non-exsistant.  Frustrating from time to time, but so much actual life is going on that hobby stuff needs a backseat for just a bit.  Afterall, it's not fall/winter so is anyone really that focused on racing... (Ha!)

Family Stuff:  Took the crew to Disney and as exhausting as it was we had a blast.  Deb and I have taken our boys when they are 7 years old and it was Darion's turn.  Fun having all the boys together as the older one's really had fun seeing it all again through the eyes of youth.  Deb lined us up staying at a Disney resort and it was seamless; highly recommend it. 

SWA let D snag the pilot seat (after we landed); pretty cool!
Back up a couple weeks before Disney and we sold our house (closing on June 28th) so since we hadn't really looked around much the clock was ticking to find a new casa.  God's hand was 100% over this as we quickly found a house that is tailor made for us (also closing on June 28th).  So every evening we pack up a couple of boxes and it seems we are knocking it out pretty fast.  The new place is only four or five blocks from our current place but lots more room for everyone and even has a lighted full court basketball setup in the back yard (and an awesome treehouse in the woods.  Everyone is excited and looking forward to the move.

New Jones dwellings come June 28th

Sits pretty deep in the backyard and is huge (and came with lights)

Darion finished up school and ended with high academic marks and is playing baseball on a local team.  June 7th was his 2 year 'gotcha day' for all of us; couldn't imagine not having him as my son.

Ian finished up 6th grade and knocked out another year of straight A's (also received some cool awards from peers and teachers).  He is knee deep in school basketball open gyms and camps.

Jake completed his sophomore year at SBU and is focused on teaching math at the jr high and sr high levels.  He is working and hanging out this summer enjoying life away from the books

Deb is Deb = awesome.

So maybe heading to O'fallen, IL this weekend for a couple days of racing and hopefully Tour of KC, but as it goes every spring and summer for me who knows...