Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Beast Is Dead

For those faithful readers you know I have had an ongoing battle with a mole in my backyard for the past two summers. Two and a half years ago I caught (killed) one in a trap and his replacement would not fall for the traps and thus eluded and taunted 'til I was going crazy trying every product/sprinkle/device with no result.
Yesterday evening I did what every cyclist in SWMO did with finally no rain and decently clear skies, I did yard work and since it was a planned rest day didn't even look at the bike. I was starting to regret my non-biking decision and if I had ridden I wouldn't have had the following 'adventure':
About a month ago I applied my usual grub killer to the lawn and immediately noticed new mole runs in my flower/shrub beds. Yesterday afternoon Ian and I planted a new Dogwood near the garden and afterwards (10 minutes) I went back to replace the decorative rock and lo and behold I saw the earth pulsating about 2 feet from where I planted the tree. Shovel, rake, and hatchet (Ian's tool of choice) was laying right there so I picked up the hatchet and unleashed two years of wrath on little mound of moving soil!!!!! Those things move so fast and I figured I missed him, but when the dust and smoke cleared (ok, there was no dust or smoke, but it sounds better) there lay that 'thorn in my side' dead. VICTORY!!!!!
I took my prey and proudly displayed him to my neighbors anticipating a great feast with celebration, but all I got was a "nice, let's hope the next one doesn't do more damage...". Whatever! In my mind I was king of my domain that evening and no one had any idea of the mental celebration I had.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bone Bender, Stitches (Round 2), and Prom

Ok, I have slacked a ton on the blog lately and I need to shake myself and get back into the groove of it. It's not that I've been SO busy or lost interests it's just I simply haven't gotten to it.
Here we go...
Riding/training in general is going pretty well and I've retreated back to the rollers/trainer instead of trying to fight all this rain as of late. I have gotten some nice intensity indoors and look to take it to the trails soon.
Last week Dale and I tackled a strong SE wind during an afternoon ride and was passed by a large manure spreader (that's right, a tractor pulled poop wagon) to which Dale looked over at me and asked "is it worth it?" to which I replied "on a day like this, absolutely!" It was a stinky 2+ mile tow, but it was worth it.

Foster/Adoption Process
- Foster course is done and waiting our licensing (within a couple weeks)
- 1/2 way done with adoption course with only two weeks to go
- The whole crew is anxiously nervous for a child placement. God is leading this so I know it will work out
Ian's baseball is going pretty good, but he is super itchy to get back on the basketball court. This weekend we've got a three game tourney in SGF on the hardwood so he is stoked. Still going to the gym working on his jumper and handles on a regular basis. I was hoping to get the summer off, but coach Ian has a strict workout policy and no 'vacations' are allowed (sigh).
Not really going in chronological order so up next is Jake's senior prom at The Chatue in Branson. Deb and I chaperoned along with several other parents and it turned out a great fun evening for everyone. Jake looked dashing in his tux and Andie beautiful in her gown. After the prom we took 30 some odd kids to a handful of condo's in Branson where we all crashed for the night. The next day everyone planned to go to Silver Dollar City, but most opted out as it was raining all day. Deb and I killed some time in the morning shopping and spend the afternoon at SDC while Ian was with Deb's mom and dad. Great weekend, but Deb and I are still dragging from staying up past 3am and up starting breakfast at 8:30am.

Sunday we spent at my folks for Easter; good day.

Two weekend's ago was the Bone Bender 3/6hr race in Lawrence, KS and I ended up winning the 3 hour Single Speed. I never felt crazy fast, but I knew I was riding consistent lap times and figured it would pay off in the long run (and it did). I ended up riding 55, 55, 56, and 56 minute laps getting me a gap of 6 or so minutes to 2nd place. I continue to love the 29'er and that course was great for the SS. It had a good mix of some flowy sections along with technical (you better be able to handle a bike) sections. Chris Locke and crew did a great job as usual.

So last post I showed some stitches in my eye; that healed up really nicely and Jake ended up cutting them out Tuesday night. Wednesday I was out on the road and my pedal broke causing a sharp piece of metal to rip a gash in my lower right leg. Deb came out, picked me up, dropped my off at our doc's office and ended up with more stitches. What a freaking weird series of events lately; nothing of my stupidity, just odd incidents. Leg is fine and that evening I knocked out some intervals to finish up the day's workouts.

It's been raining like crazy for the past four or so days, but this weekend is the Tour De Tick in Neosho, MO and they like to run it 'rain or shine' (two years ago I won the Sport in a huge downpour and swamp). Well, that's why I originally bought the SS so I hope to have some fun in the mud on a great course this Sunday in either the SS or Marathon division.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bubble Wrap Body Suit?

Not much out of the routine happening at the Jones casa. To summarize:
- Deb and I finished our foster training and have four more sessions to have our adoption certification
- Deb and I painted our master bedroom (while I watched the masters)
- Ian has started baseball on a competitive team in Springfield and is 1-1
- Been riding consistently with quality time on the mtb mostly at Sac
- Ian and I hit the tandem last night with Deb on her Trek
- Bonebender 3hr race this weekend at Clinton Lake, Lawrance, KS. Feeling fit and ready for the challenge
Oh yes, then there's the ongoing physical punishment I've been handing myself:
1) Wore quarter sized blister in palm of hand doing yard work (right where I grab the mtb bar
2) Cut off the end of my pinkie cutting tomatoes and couldn't get it to stop bleeding for two days
3) Goose-egg on forehead from ramming into corner of dresser
and the winner
4) 4 stitches in eye after taking an elbow during basketball
Deb is debating on letting me ride this weekend without covered in bubble wrap

Monday, April 4, 2011

Rolling Around in the Warsaw Woods

What a great weekend for anything outdoors related; hope everyone got out and enjoyed it. I think my hacking is a thing of the past and now to hopefully regain some fitness...

Friday afternoon Dale, Nate and I kicked it down the Frisco a couple hours (I was on the SS with a 32/16 mix). Got back home and spent some time getting the shop straightened up and making sure the tiller, mower, and scooter were all prepped and ready for some warm weather. Good to say all is up and going.

Saturday morning (all day in fact) was dedicated to the yard, but first was a Men's Prayer breakfast at church. A buddy picked me up 5:50am and by 6am we were cooking for the group coming in at 7am. It was a fun morning and a solid way to start the day.
Got home and made the rounds buying mulch, a cherry tree, grub killer... all the stuff to keep us busy. It was a busy day with Ian's baseball practice, but by afternoon's end the yard and garden is looking like a million bucks. Deb got some starters going in the garden and hopefully soon we'll eat up.

Saturday night Ian and I was spent with my bro and some friends watching the Final Four games; good stuff. Got home late and packed for the mtb race in Warsaw the next day.
Sunday started off with RVV (Flanders) on the web (and a huge bowl of Lucky Charms - race day food) and it was one of the best I've seen. FC and Chavenel were by far the strongest, but NN played it right.

Quick hour drive up to Warsaw for a 11:30 start. Got up early and took a steady pace warm up loop of the course (6.2 miles), which proved a good choice and glad I changed back to the 32/18 SS. The course was pretty much all single track with it's fair share of rocks and roughness along with a decent amount of climbing, but I really like the way the 29'er smoothed most of it out and was able to climb well. The temps were in the 80's and while it was not super hot it was a bit of a shock to the system after riding in 40's and 50's, but I pounded water and Nuun's which worked out great. About 20 or so lined up for the Open class and being a 'small/local' race the field was pretty light in way of normal fast kids. Mark Gullet who won the 1st race (its a three race series) was at the OC and I didn't recognize much anyone else.

The race was only two loops (13 or so miles) so I figured I would go pretty hard right from the start and see how it went. Jumped on it at and was first one to the single track. Have no idea what happened behind as after 1/2 mile I neither saw nor heard anyone else. I set off and rode a solid first lap and kicked it back a notch for the second making sure I kept steady and not make any mistakes (and continue to drink tons). Ended up winning (which will probably not happen again this year) and was around 8 or 9 minutes up on 2nd. Fun place to ride and looking forward to the state SS champs there later this summer.

Back home and finished up some yard and garden work. Deb and Ian spent the day in SGF and when they got home we played a ton of baseball in the backyard. Nice day.
Routine week lined up with Ian's ball games now on Tuesdays and only 5 weeks of foster/adoptive classes to go on Thursdays. Hoping to get to Lawrence on Saturday for the UFofD (West) mtb race on the River Trails.