Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If It's Tuesday Then... (Updated to Include Wednesday) means a couple things for me: 1) usually intervals of some type and 2) Ian's double-headers at SGF. After getting my efforts knocked out in the AM our day turned to the below...

***The below is a little pre-game interview***

Ian's crew played the Willard Tigers in both kid and coach pitch games and the boys won both (11-1 and 10-0). They now have a 12-0 record with the toughest team coming up next week; Ian is bummed as he will miss the game while gone on vacation. Ian pitched one inning (first time ever) and he walked one, gave up one hit (a single) and struck out three; not to shabby.

Tuesday nights are fun and Deb and I look forward to them every week. Jake had a track state qualifier party so we missed him this week, but he is always good to text during the games to check up on his little bro.

Ended up hitting my local Wal-Mart yesterday and trading in my Blackberry for a iPhone 3gS. My BB had gave me fits as of late and with the price reduction for the iPhone I made the switch. I know Apple is getting ready to release 'The Mother of All Phones', but I just can't justify spending a small fortune for the latest tech when the 3gS is right in my price range and it is a huge step up from the BB. No longer need to carry the Bean as the iPhone handles my video and picture needs. Next couple of days will be spent figuring out gadgets and downloading aps. ***All the above was shot with my new device***

Wednesday I ended up playing some noon basketball at SBU. After work Ian and I teamed up on the tandem while Deb rode solo (1:20hrs). Deb has really impressed my lately with her riding; I took her over a course lined with some good rollers and a couple decent climbs and she knocked them all out. Eball (guess I should rename him Ebike) refused to take any breaks from pedaling and plugged away as a solid stoker (well, as much as a 9yr old can). His greatest strength on the bike appears to being able to drain all water bottles in record time...

Spent a little time in the shop last night mounting the replacement SRAM shifter. Can't believe how fast it was replaced (dropped off at LBS on Friday and arrived Wednesday). Point of interest is the new shifter is the '10 model and the old one was a '09 (same geometry/holds) but a new look/graphics which makes for mismatched levers; not significantly noticeable, but enough is tweaks me a bit. Long and short of it - I am back up running... er, pedaling, and that is the main thing.

The garden is progressing as the tomato plants are growing nicely, the spinach is providing salad toppings, blackberries are getting really close, but the STRAWBERRIES are knocking it out of the park! Every morning I pull in 30+ nice berries; great for cereal and ice cream.

***This morning's pull***

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Warming Up...

My favorite quote regarding the weather change comes via Crusty (paraphrasing it) "Thanks mother nature for turning on the oven, but you can turn off the hair dryer now" For me it's not that it is THAT hot, but just the sudden change from the lower/mid 60s to high 80s WITH humidity. It will take a week for my body to adapt and everything will be fine.

Let's pick up from last Friday...

Friday evening Deb and I hooked up with Wes and Marla and took in The Back Up Plan. Deb enjoyed it and we'll just leave it at that as it is 100% chick flick.

Saturday Jake went with his track squad to Sectionals in Marshfield. He was looking forward to the 4x800 crew running, but was super bummed to not be part of it (he still has a light hack and cough). We opted not to go and get some stuff done around the house. Got the report from the track that the boy's relay ran their butts off and qualified for state (next weekend); Jake was stoked for his teammates. He will be heading out as an alternate this coming weekend in Jeff City to the state championships.

After watching some Giro Saturday morning I headed out for a 3:10hr ride of the Polk County backroads on the mtb. Picked out a super hilly route and when you throw in the sudden change in temps I came back home FRIED (legs, lungs, heart, and sun burn)! One of the harder steady tempo rides I have done in some time. I love the dirt/gravel roads we have and forget how much fun (and demanding) they are.

Sunday morning up and early to grab a 2.5hr ride while it was still cool temps. Mtb with semi-slicks worked out well for road ride north of Bodunklivar. Kept it pretty simple and a light spin. Early mornings are my favorite as it starts the day off with a sense of renewed freshness.

Off to church with the crew then we all headed to SGF to knock out some shopping for summer/cruise clothing. Introduced the boys to Chipotle Grill with Ian ready to come back for more and with jury is still out for Jake. Got a ton accomplished.

Returned home and hung out inside for the afternoon until we emerged early evening for a ride with Deb and Ian. Picked up a new seat post in SGF earlier in the day which allowed a low enough setting on the tandem for Ian to ride. This was (and is going to be) alot of fun with Ian on the back as he was having a ball. That sucker is a wiggly guy (much more than Deb) so it was like a core workout balancing and countering his movement (Pilate's has nothing on this). Deb rode her rig with us and we ended up knocking our a solid 1:15hrs. Played a little ball with Ian before the sun dropped for the day.

Took Monday as an 'off day' so I played an hour of light basketball at noon. Hooked out of work early, picked up Ian, and we spent the afternoon at ball practice. Pretty warm out, but it appeared to not phase the boys as boys will be boys (no matter the temps). Ian got some pitching practice in and looked pretty decent (nothing too fast, but over the plate). He might see some 'mound' time in the upcoming games.

Spent a little time in the garden and we are starting to rake in the strawberries and the blackberries are super close to picking.

Tuesday morning I scooted out at 6am and snagged a 2hr ride on the Frisco. Threw in 2 x 20min efforts in the coolness of the morning. I consider AM rides on the FT as doing community service as I cleared out every spider web between Bolivar and nearly Walnut Grove.

Ian has a double-header ball games in SGF this evening so that's where we'll be (and every Tuesday evening for the next couple of months.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cover Your Ears Mom...

...cause I am getting ready to let fly some words of which you would not approve! %&$Q#$% $% $#%#$ #$%$Q 34%#$!!!!! That pretty much sums up yesterday's ride and my spring thus far.
Over the winter I had to replace my Blue and ended up without it for over a month and a half, broke my arm a month and a half ago and missed several targeted races, finally arm recovered and the body/rig is working good, Jake misses most important part of track season and...
So yesterday the rain decided to recede so I hopped out in search of a 20min x 2 interval set during a 2hr ride. On the way north of town my Garmin died a horrible death so my HR was not available. Not too big of a deal as I knew the Gman was near the end as duct tape was the only thing keeping it alive for the past couple months. I have been really hard on the ForeRunner 305 over the past four years and it has served me well. Back to the ride... with no HR I was going to stick with perceived efforts as my gauge, but two minutes before the first effort my right Sram Force shifter lever (one behind the brake lever) came off in my hand (literally) while I shifted. You hear all the time the ole 'I was just riding along and...', but no joke that is exactly what I was doing; no hard shift under pressure or climbing, it was a simple shift. ***What is missing from the first picture? Check out pic #2 and you'll see***
There I am 5 or so miles north of Bolivar and figured I would limp in, but to my surprise the 'single speed' I was left with (rear cog 15 or 14, not sure) was just about right to let knock out my efforts; all I needed to do was find a relatively flattish loop. Ran thought my memorised catalog of roads in the area and before I knew it I was lung deep in my first effort (2 x 20min). After the first one I headed south of town to a better loop and knocked out my second effort. Used my frustration and focused toward the efforts and came away totally cooked, but rewarded for my suffering. Was able to salvage a bad situation and still squeeze some lemonade (figuratively).

So, to add a kick to the crotch, on the ride back home a massive rain and lightening storm came out of nowhere and I had to take cover at a local car dealership (the place was closed so I huddled against the building shielded from the driving rain, but still getting soaked. Stayed there for 15min until the deluge lightened and I did an unexpected interval back to the casa. *** Hard to tell the intensity of the storm (and the amount of rain it dumped) from the below picture, but trust me it was intense***
Some folks drown their frustrations with booze, but tonight's mind-numbing tool was whipped cream... Actually Ian had never done cheese whiz or WC straight from the can so I was passing on one of those dad/son moments; he did me proud.
Traded my scheduled ride time to hit my LBS (in SGF) and found Sram will warranty my shifter and a new one will be in next week; hopefully I can get back on the road a couple days before we leave on our cruise. Until then it's back to the mtb and tandem on the trainer.
This has been a frustrating spring so far and every time I get ready to absolutely throw a fit I realize that these are smaller issues in the big picture and if this is as bad as it has gotten then it is really NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL as I have way too many positive aspects of my life to whine.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Giro Flipped Upside Down

Was able to slide out early Tuesday afternoon and get in some intervals on the road; 5 x 3min, 5 x 1min, and 1 x 10min. I was dragging on the cruise home. Nice to do a ride in the SUN (and not in rain) as it's been on vacation as of late.

After work we loaded up the ball gear and headed to SGF for Ian's double-header. The first game was a 'kid pitch' and the later was a 'coach pitch'; both are in the top competitive league. First and second game chalked up a 'W' and now the boys are 10-0 in 2010. Ian played a solid fielding game, but grounded out three times (and was walked once) to go 0 for 3 (he was bummed and I had to remind him even A. Pujols has a slump from time to time). Braums ice cream made the frustration disappear... amazing. Got unpacked and Ian in bed a little after 10pm (kept trying to slow his approach to bed to watch the Magic .vs. Celtics game); not a big deal as tomorrow is his (and Jake's) last day of school.

Can someone explain to me what happened at Wednesday's Giro?!?!?! How do you give a 'break' (of 50+ riders to include Sastre) a gap of 17minutes and expect to close it down. Astana, BMC, and Liquigas = fail!!!!!! I still think Cadel and Vino will battle to the end for the overall GC, but that's too much to give up(can you say Oscar Pereiro TdF). Liguigas pointing at Astana and Astana saying it wasn't up to them to defend when Basso and Nibali are the 'main contenders' for the GC (cop out for saying your team isn't strong enough to control it).

Yesterday it rained pretty much non-stop from 8am on. I had low-to-no motivation to ride on the trainer so I kept the bike on the hook in the shop. Thursday is supposed to be clear (still cloudy, but light rain) so I plan to get in 3hrs after work.

The boys both came home Wednesday with a sense of relief knowing Summer Vacation had began. We celebrated a solid year of good grades with a call to the Wong number (Master Wong's that is - best cashew chicken in SWMO). Ian was stoked as he got to stay up for the entire beating the Suns took (Lakers up 2-0) while Jake, his buddy Stephen, Deb, and I played a couple games of Settlers.

This morning (Thursday) Deb and I were not surprised to see Ian up early and catching Sports Center; it's hard to turn off your body's clock when summer sleep-in time hits. He'll get the hang of it soon enough.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Academics and The End of the Season

Monday morning started off with a high tempo stroll on the rollers as it looked like it could storm at any moment. Lunch found me at SBU playing some basketball (opted for this as a couple friends were in town and I hadn't seen them in over a year).

Monday afternoon was Ian's BIS Academic Awards and he ended up with straight A's for the entire year. He was less than interested in the letter grade, but focused on getting the 'gold medal' that came with the achievement; he turns everything into competition. Deb and I are very proud of his efforts. Also nice to see his basketball (and most baseball) teammates earning high marks.

Got home and took advantage of clear skies and mowed the lawn. Afterwards Deb, Ian, and I played some 500 (baseball game) in the backyard. Deb surprised us with her hitting abilities; she had no idea she would be a tomboy at her age.
Jake got home from practice and the pain in his
lungs continued to hamper his running. Coach requested we send him in for a chest x-ray to check the pain and plans to hold him off running until we hear the results. Appointment at CMH completed this morning (Tuesday) and xrays show no pneumonia, but doc thinks he has pleurisy (inflammation of the lung lining that prevents deep breathing without severe pain) and has called his season DONE. He worked so hard to overcome his leg injury and now gets hit with this; I feel bad for him as this is the second year in a row that track beat him up. Oh well, a good month of rest and XC (his senior year) summer workouts start. ***The picture to the right is prior to last Friday's Athletic Celebration***

After dinner last night I hopped on the roller again for another solid hour ride. I like the rollers from time to time as they keep your stroke honest (smooth circles).
Heading to SGF this evening for Ian's double-header baseball game. For the rest of the summer he plays two games pretty much every Tuesday night at Ewing Park.
The below clip is from Ian and I's Eco field trip a couple Friday's ago.

The below was snagged from Velo Lex (SGF rider) and it is absolutely hilarious what he is doing to these interviewers

Monday, May 17, 2010

Survive and Move On...

... was the message repeated to Jake all week long was he continued to battle with his bronchitis all week long leading up to Saturday's Class 3 District track meet at Union (STL area). He had managed only a couple workouts and was unable to finish many of the them without suffering breathing issues; frustration and worry weighed heavy as Saturday approached. More on that in a minute.

Friday was another soggy day so I opted to move indoors for a little basketball at SBU. It was my first play since breaking my arm and needless to say I was slightly nervous about taking a fall, but the guys were all aware and kept the banging and bumping to a minimum (for one day at least). Felt good to get back on the court and after an hour I was feeling the 'interval'. Noonball has always served as an interval effort (especially for cross) for me as the tempo is high (minimal rest from start to finish) and the HR stays up there.

Friday after work Ian had indoor baseball practice at 'the cages' here is Bolivar, which is a nice option when it rains outside. There are three 'netted' lanes (two for batting practice w/machines and one for kid pitching and an open area for fielding work) and plenty of practice is accomplished during the two hours.

Jake took Andie to the BHS Athletic Celebration (suit and tie affair) in the evening and had a good time. He was in bed at a decent hour as the bus left at 5:30am the next morning for the 3.5 hr drive to Union.

Saturday morning everyone was up bright and early heading up I-44 to the district meet. It rained solid the entire drive (and light rain most of the day). To kill the drive time Ian brought a book about Missouri Oak and Hickory trees he recently got at his Eco field trip. Deb and Ian took turns reading aloud and knocked out the whole thing. Never thought I would know as much about trees as I do now.

Got to the meet and set up our 'fortress'; sat on big blue tarp and draped it over us to provide complete closure on three sides and perfect viewing out the front. Ian was a great trooper and we all enjoyed/endured the rain/drizzle/winds for the LONGGGGGG meet.
So there we are watching the boys warming up and Jake was not looking good (already); just survive and move on... Gun goes off and after the first three legs the boys have the lead by about 10 meters and Jake takes off. His first quarter is solid, but as he is coming by he is already gasping for a breathe (obvious in the progress of the pictures below). Buffalo goes by and then Osage; Jake is keeping it together as the top four move on and in the closing meters he keeps the pace high and passes the Osage runner to finish 2nd (only 2 seconds behind first). His leg was the slowest of the team's and one of his slowest all year, but it doesn't matter as they advanced and he has another week to recover and that was the main focus... survive and move on.

Jake mentally beat himself up for the rest of the day as he felt he let his team down by not winning. I had to remind him there was no difference in 1st and 4th at districts and sectionals as they all move on and his job this week was simply run and qualify, which he did. He heard what I said, but couldn't let go of letting his team down. Coach decided not to run him in the open 800 (good choice) as it was obvious he couldn't perform at a level to advance to sectionals. He spent most of the day cheering on teammates and hacking and coughing; he has one week to get back to decent running form.

Next week at sectionals Bolivar is going to surprise a few teams as it will be a different group running the 4 x 800 for the first time all season. Districts was the first time Jake had ran the relay and our second fastest kid (Sterling Roberts) didn't run it Saturday (as they saved him for the open 800 knowing the relay would advance without him). With Jake halfway healthy this weekend he will easily drop 5+ seconds from his leg and putting Sterling on will drop a 2:11 time to 2:06 or better; that is a 10 second advance that should get them comfortably through districts and into the State meet. That being said now they actually have to go out and do it as they are currently ranked 6th (top 4 advance), but only 2 seconds behind 4th and 5th and 5 seconds behind 3rd. 12:30pm this Saturday it is on like Donkey Kong at Marshfield!

After the meet Jake decided to hop in with us for the drive home (which is always nice). With a dinner stop at Steak-n-Shake the drive home seemed to last forever as it continued to drizzle the whole way back. A quick catch of SNL and lights out for everyone; we were all beat.
I decided Saturday evening not to race Hellbender as the forecast was for a ton of rain and I still hadn't kicked my cold (turns out it rained plenty). I am still in the hunt for my first race of '10.

Sunday we all slept in and skipped church services. It was needed for both the boys as Ian slept past 9am (super late for him) and Jake close to 12pm (regular for him - HA!). I got up in time to watch the Giro finish (and the last 10k from the day before - EPIC is a deserving description).
Speaking of the Giro the first below photo (from Graham Watson) is one of my favorite of all time (is that the Giro or CX?). Cadel was a monster and after last years WC and most all of this year he is no longer boring to watch. It took me a while to figure out if the Giro riders were in Holland, Italy, or Missouri in the second picture...
I initially planned to get in a ride in the afternoon (when the rain stopped), but Ian and I ended up playing the whole afternoon and I just couldn't give that up for a spin. Sunday evening included hanging out with the crew and playing a bunch of games of Settlers.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rainy Days...

I was looking to fit in some intervals on Wednesday, but for one reason (playing catch with Ian) or another (watching Daybreakers with Jake and Deb) it just wasn't getting done... until finally at 9pm I rolled my carcass from the house and headed over to SBU. The campus has a great loop with little traffic in the later evenings and it is pretty well lit so I ended up knocking out 3 x 10 minute efforts at what I consider just below race pace. Suffered like a dog during it, but felt refreshed and plenty alive afterwards (and the arm didn't hurt at all). Good to get back among the suffering.

Today I met up with Ira during a small window of non-rain and took off for a couple hour ride. The small window quickly turned into NO window as we got soaked for much of the last hour. I had a rain cape and was relatively comfortable, but Ira didn't and had to be freezing (although he won't admit to it). Ended up with 2:05hrs and enjoyed the whole thing. Found out the Bean doesn't capture audio very well in downpours. The first clip is just as the rain started falling and the next ones are during a full on downpour...

This morning I am looking outside and at the radar and seeing only solid rain; no Friday morning mistress date. I had a good week of riding and a little rest day is welcome. Still up in the air about Sunday's Hellbender RR (70miles) as the forecast still calls for solid rain.

Tomorrow we head to Union (STL area) for Jake's district meet. He is still hacking and snorting, but wants desperately to advance his 4 x 800 team to sectionals to give himself another week to get healthy. It's supposed to rain all day so it will be good for Jake's allergies and asthma (moist air makes breathing easier), but rough day for jumpers and spectators (full rain gear packed for the Jones crew).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Cars Are Not Impressed (It's Magic)

I was flipping through some blogs and came across the below on The Wah Report. OK, so these guys aren't exactly Ric Ocasek, but all in all it's pretty interesting with their 'outside the box' way of thinking (I thought). I would like to see the guy to the left (pic) give it a shot. Not sure why they labeled it 'mountaineering', but I guess if you're the first to do something you can call it what you want.

Got out with Ira yesterday for 1:45hrs on the road. I've fought a nasty head cold (a lighter version of Jake's) for the past 4/5 days and yesterday was the first time it felt like it is heading out.

Speaking of Jake, he did a light run yesterday with the team and said it wiped him out, but seemed upbeat about the possibility of running the 4x800 this Saturday at districts. Coach told him he is on the relay and running the open 800 as his team has a shot at winning districts. Today they are doing a load of 100m repeats and he plans to do as many as possible, but not to the point it hampers his recovery. Fingers crossed his crew will make it through districts (4 teams move on to sectionals) so he can be at full steam for sectionals next Saturday (and move on to State).

Yesterday evening Ian had a 'kids pitch' scrimmage against a SGF team (in SGF). It was their first time playing a non-coach pitch and they looked a little like deer in headlights. For the rest of the baseball season they are playing in coach pitch AND kids pitch leagues (both on same night) and it was good to get one under their belt league play starts (next Tuesday). Kind of funny to watch the boys bat against a kid who one pitch will throw a strike and the next a ball 5' above (or behind) the batter; you could tell the kids were more concerned about getting hit than getting a hit. Ian had a rough night in the field and went 1 for 2 batting. I think he is coming down with Jake and I's cold as he seemed 'off' and not his usual self; then again he is only 9 and kids will be kids (just unusual for him).

Looking to do my first interval set today since my clipped wing incident today. Not looking forward to the initial shock to the system, but usually like the feeling/sensations afterwards. Trying to figure out what to do this weekend as I am itchy to race, but thinking I should wait the full six weeks just in case I hit the deck again. The Hellbender RR (outside of Rolla) is this Sunday and I might jump in to get a measurement of my fitness over the 70 mile hilly course. I know I'll get blitzed, but really want to get back in the mix. Would have liked to go to Rhett's Run (mtb in Columbia), but my arm is in no way ready for that. Looks like my first mtb event is Castlewood on June 12th.

Just returned from dealing with CMH Central Billing with regards to the bills for my broken arm. If you follow my twitter than you know the initial visit was quite a fiasco as the walk-in-clinic was incapable to getting good x-rays (technician was out sick and a poor nurse was trying to run the equipment - I don't blame anyone for this) so I was sent across town to the ER for xrays only, which were sent back to the walk-in-clinic for review. We got the bill the other day and noticed not only did they bill us for the inconclusive/unreadable xrays at the walk-in, but for the one at the ER also... AND it was at two significantly different prices ($30 for walk-in and $196 for ER). After a friendly discussion with Centralized Billing I was told the charges will be corrected (very nice and efficient folks who helped me). Looking forward to the radical changes the Nobel Peace Prize winner has in store regarding reform (typed with only half smirk this time).

Monday, May 10, 2010

Clean Up on Aisle Giro...

I have said it before and I'll say it again, the Giro is my favorite Grand Tour hands down. The Italian run-ins are brutal and even in Holland they continue to find the twistiest and nasty roads possible. Crashes and groups splintering are the theme once again so far with CVV crashing out, Evans losing time (agree with Crusty's tweet about not having a single teammate with him?!?!?!), and chaos presiding - makes for great viewing and tough racing. One thing I miss this year is 7xTdF winners whining and crying about 'how dangerous' it is for riding and they should protect them more... While I agree to some degree it is what it is and the Giro folks like it that way so enjoy your ToC.

I forgot to mention the other day that Jake's COC meet was the first time Bolivar won both boys and girls conference titles; pretty cool for the kids and coaches. On the not so good news front Jake continues to have physical issues this track season. Tuesday after the meet he was hacking and coughing a little and we wrote it off to allergies and by Thursday is was a fully blown head/chest cold. The kids had a pretty light training week (which was good for his cold) so we waited for this thing to pass as he was getting plenty of rest and meds to knock it down. Saturday morning Deb took him in to the doc and he has full blown bronchitis (close to walking pneumonia) and looks/feels totally wasted. He is now on antibiotics, steroids, and full rest as he is trying to salvage and end to this season as districts are this Saturday in Union (near STL). This is the second year in a row physical issues hampered his season and track is not high on his list right now for next year.

Weekend Update:

Friday after work Deb, Ian, and I headed over to a b-day party for one of Ian's team/classmates home. There was a bonfire, some fishing, kickball, playing in the woods... everything that makes boys boys. Cool winds made for a chilly evening, but loads of fun.

Ian and snugged up once home and had our hearts tore out as we watched the Spurs go zero-games-to-three to the Suns (they are finished - sigh).

Saturday was another round of windy (and slightly cool - 42* at 7am) conditions outside so I opted for an afternoon ride instead of a 'crack of dawn' jaunt. Deb and I snuck out while the boys slept late for a breakfast at Brendas. Deb is now one of the 'official regulars' as the waitress rattled off her order before Deb could say it.

The rest of the morning/early afternoon was spent in the yard/garden hitting the routine maintenance. I have new grass growing in the front yard where I put in the shrubs and wall, which is good. The blackberries and strawberries (especially these) are looking great and the spinach is coming right along.

Met Dale at 2:30pm and we decided to skip the winds and hit the FT to SGF on the 'cross bikes. Turned out a great ride and pretty much sheltered from the winds. We kept a solid tempo for what ended up a 4hr ride. There were tons of folks out on the FT as we probably ran across 40-50 people (and not only near the Willard area). The FT makes for an odd ride as there are no hills so you would think it is a pretty easy ride, but it's much like being on a trainer with no relief/coasting requiring pedaling every second. I like it as you get out of it what you put in.

Saturday evening was pretty laid back and Betty White's SNL appearance wrapped up our evening. Jake and planned to see Iron Man II, but opted out as his hack/cough would not make for an enjoyable time for us (or the audience). BW's SNL was decent, but not near as good as what I hoped; still entertaining though.

Got up Sunday morning to Mother's Day. Deb received hugs, fresh flowers, and poems before Jake whipped up breakfast (omelets, toast, and coffee) for his mom. Afterwards we made our way to church and then a call to Domino's (it was a no-cook-day for Deb) provided us lunch while we played several games of Settlers. Later afternoon Deb and I jumped on the FT (third day in a row for me, which his highly rare) and knocked out a 2hr ride. My girl has been riding with a friend and I must say I was impressed with her tempo for the entire ride. ***Now, before I start getting responses about 'where's her lid?' it is the FT (from practically our doorstep) so we opted not to wear them - she does wear one otherwise***

During our ride I carried a light pack and stopped various times to collect some beautiful wildflowers. I played 'catch-up' pretty much the whole ride as Deb kept rolling as I picked. I was seeing my mom later that afternoon and thought she would like a bouquet so I ended up coming home with a ton of vegetation. The Martha Stewart in me came out and ended up with a decent looking arrangement; my mom loved it (and I love her tons).

Sunday evening we hosted a couple families from our Sunday School class over for a 'build-a-banana-split' and Beatles Rock Band fellowship. It turned out so much fun as everyone participated singing or playing (mostly both). You can't hardly go wrong with the Beatles... In the end the Teens took out the Dads while the Moms finished last (on Mother's Day none the less).

As we were heading to bed it was good to hear Deb comment of having a great Mother's Day as she makes sure everyday is kids/husband's day for us. Thanks for all you do for our boys (and me) and being the benchmark of what mother's should aspire; you are AWESOME!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday 'Nooner

Skipped my early morning fling and deferred to a 'nooner. As opposed to yesterday's southeasterly winds today was a 180* change with a strong northwestern blow. For a change of pace I jumped on my mtb and headed south on the Frisco (break from the wind) for an easy 1:45hr spin. It's been since the day I broke my arm in Arkansas that I'd seen the tire in picture #1. Unlike around the SGF/Willard area our Frisco starts off like picture #2

Didn't take long into the ride to feel quite a bit of discomfort in my arm as the rotation of my right wrist to hold the handlebar shot pain up to the elbow (and that's on a smooth trail) - FRUSTRATING as I hoped to race mtbs soon, but it might be a couple weeks more.
Around 6 or so miles south of Bolivar I found picture #3; newly paved trail head/parking at Wishart (a relatively unknown spot in the road with no simple access). Nice to see money so well spent. If you cross picture #4 you are getting closer to Scotty D's part of the FT and that is considered our 'Sleepy Hollow' area (enter at your own risk)
All in all a nice easy spin of the legs on a cooler than normal day. Nice thing about the Frisco is it's solid tree lined so no matter what the wind is doing it's usually pretty calm and protected.
Since my injury I have dropped over seven pounds (right at 170lbs) and I'm feeling pretty healthy. A handful of years back I got down a little below 165 and I felt horrible and lacked any kind of strength. The day I broke my arm I made a significant change in my diet and focused on only serving of what I needed and none more. I was thinking about dropping around 168 or so, but I'll have to see how the strength aspects correlates with it. I continue with my core workouts, but have dropped my upper body strength regiment (not sure I like that), but like I said we'll see how it goes.