Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finally Pinned on a Number...

Ok, so in mtb'ing it's more like zip tying a number (and a new sticker/tracker thing to your helmet), but you get what I'm saying.

Sunday was the Feel the Burn endurance mtb race in Warsaw and even though the trails are a bit rough it's hard to pass up on of Mac and Truman Bike's events as they put their heart and souls in to every one of them. 

Training/riding has been going pretty good and after two different 2hr sessions at Sac I figured it was time to see what the 'ol back could handle.  David Evans, Bolivar-ite, jumped in with me for the race.

Arrived to see the Cat 1 field nicely loaded with Dan Miller, Garrett S, JP, and Drew for their 52 mile go of it.  I, being of sound mind and no legs for that distance jumped in the SS class for 39 miles (much more doable).  Lined up and found I was the only SS'er (in the class) so starting 5 minutes behind the Cat 2's made for a fun day of seeing how many I could run down over the next 3.5hrs.

Things went pretty well for the three laps (13 miles each) and actually felt better with each as the race progressed and my back felt absolutely great.  I think there was one Cat 2 that I didn't catch, but not really sure as David and I hooked it home right after we finished.

(Knock on wood) I really feel back to 100% and now can relax and kick back on racing road stuff as I plan a full 'cross season ahead.  So many smiles during the day as it was great to be back in competition and Feeling the Burn (get it, the name of the race...).  That was the first race since USGP Madison back in Sept '12.

Mac and I shared the SS podium since there were no others

***thanks to Jolie Vorce for the great pics***

Up next is Jeff Yielding's Hermann Gravel 2-day'er this weekend.  Taking Deb with me so I plan to ride 66 miles (of the 100) on Saturday and 50 miles (of the 100) on Sunday so she and I can have plenty of time to explore Hermann.  After that it's a local one (OMBA) at Sac put on by the Mercy-Kuat guys the following Sunday.

Homefront wise all is going well and the crew is getting excited for spring weather, which means most of our evenings spend kicking a soccer ball or taking BP (batting practice) in the backyard.