Monday, March 18, 2013

Season Wrap and Season Beginnings

So Ian's basketball team (I coach) wrapped up their winter season over this past weekend winning another tournament championship.  Played with six boys for three games and five for one (four in total) so by the end they were super tired.  I love these boys on and off the court and each has super supportive/encouraging parents which make my job easier.  So the season went 34-8 including five tournament championships and one league championship at The Courts.  I am ready for a break from coaching as we have been getting after it for the past six months.

Played with a skeleton crew

Ian is taking a couple months off before hitting the hardwood again for a summer session of games with his school team in June and then hopefully back with the Warriors for a handful of late summer tourneys. 

Speaking of Ian he turned 12 last week and I did a little into to sushi and I'm pretty sure he's a fan (as long as we don't go too exotic).  This week for spring break he's going to the STL area with his church youth group to do mission work in a couple different shelters.

For the past couple months Darion has worked out at a local gymnastics program and he is loving it.  His instructor is great with kids and there are only three other boys in his group so there is tons of one-on-one time.  He loves going every week.
On the training front last week two things took place which has me encouraged about jumping back into 'cross this fall: 1) got on the mtb on single track for the first time since my injury and the body responded great with no structural weaknesses.  Now, my handling skills were a total wreck but that is easily fixed... 2) played basketball (at an intense pace) for an hour on Friday and felt 95% solid.  That was the biggest 'iffy' thing as if I can get off-the-bike dynamic movements back then 'cross is doable.  This all is encouraging and lets me just goof around getting base and handling stuff down this spring/early summer instead of focusing on just racing the road stuff.
Crazy nice last week as the temps almost hit 80*, but back to a little cool down this week again.  I checked out the forecast for the NW Arkansas Classic RR this weekend and it has it at 38* and snowing; might rethink this...

Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting Back in the Flow

Started back riding road and gravel the last week of January and surprisingly the legs and fitness are starting to come around.  Back is still a bugger, but not near as significant as it was.  Getting plenty of riding and maybe in a month or so I'll partake in some road racing.  Really missing the mtb'ing we did last winter (dry enough it was rideable a ton), but am holding off until April before I throw my back into it.  Core work has been high on priority and it seems to be holding everything together.  Hoping to race 'cross this fall, but we'll see how that goes as it nears.  Plenty of road/crit racing on the calendar to somewhat keep my interest (but it just ain't 'cross).

On the home front all is good.  Jake keeps knocking out college stuff, Ian is wrapping up our winter campaign on the hardwood, and Darion is doing awesome settling in more and more in the security that he has a forever family.

Last weekend Champs; played with only six kids and by the end they were dead tired

This is more like the crew I know...