Sunday, January 27, 2013

I hestitate to type this but...

...I've actually ridden three days in a row relatively pain free (on the bike that is).  1.5hrs Friday, 1.25hrs Sat, and 1.7hrs today; all good.  NOTE:  As I type this I am knocking on wood.  Still significant discomfort when off the bike, but I am riding.

Now the bad news:  HOLY CRUD I SUCK!  I recognize that I've been off the bike since early October and it will come back, but its been 20 years since I was this weak/off; this next couple of months are going to be character builders in humility when I comes to the city limit sign sprints!

It feels so freaking good to be outside spinning the legs and breathing deep.  Mental therapy for sure!

Heading out Thursday to L'ville to catch Worlds with Dale and Nate.  Hotels booked in Feb '12 and VIP tickets in hand.  Going to be a great trip.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another Basketball Weekend...

...another tourney championship.  This weekend four wins at Osceola making our record so far 20-3.

Couple more weeks before I hop back on the bike and see how it goes.  Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - Repair,Regroup, and ...

So it's been 2 months since last post and honestly since this is mostly geared toward cycling there hasn't been anything to report other than trying to still to get my back in healthy condition and get back on the bike with some routine. 

The official diagnosis is Degenerative Disc Disease in my L4 and L5 (two of them) with both bulging. Not a death sentence but not something that doesn't repairs itself (the bulging actually can though).  The forward focus is getting the inflammation down to limit the pain of the nerve that is shooting the pain into my right buttocks (not down my leg - SI) and limits my movements from one position to another without significant pain.  The movement from a flexed (on the bike) position to a dismounted vertical (running) hurts like thunder and then it's pretty much a constant dull ache. 

Darn thing just isn't getting better and while I can ride (with limited efforts) I pay for it afterwards; I have gone from a couple weeks with no activity and nothing changed.  My days have been spent on a decompression 'rack', stretching like mad, lite yoga, doing a lite (1 hour max) ride here and there (stopping and stretching my back every 15 minutes), and lite running a couple days a week (which oddly enough feels good).  All this is doctor and PT directed so I'm not flying by the seat of my pants.

Yesterday (Dec 31st) I ended my year with a steroid shot in my spine to see if that will reduce the inflammation and make daily movement less annoying (this morning it actually feels significantly better, but I have yet to really move around).  The bike garage is locked until Feb 1st (sigh) and outside of some yoga, stretching, and lite running there isn't much more happening on the 'bike' side of things. 

I have mentally good days and then seems more 'no so good' days trying to keep things in perspective.  It's been three months since 'the morning of Gateway Cross' when it all started and I am ready for it to be behind me so I am embracing 2013 with positivity and hopefulness.

Not sure if 'cross is in my future, but definitely will hit the crit and road scene as soon as the back allows, but how knows, maybe 2013 Dogfish Hermann will find me back on the start line and hungrier than ever (that's my secret desire)!  Crazy missed it this year...

The silver lining it was the first late fall/early winter that I spent pretty much every weekend with the family and not driving all over creation to the next race; it has been super good especially with the little guy.

Speaking of the kiddo, he is laying up against me now watching Dumbo; snuggled like he's always been here and it's pretty natural now.  He's been with us since June 2011 and while we were hoping to have the adoption finalized by Christmas 2012 it looks like it will be in February 2013.  Not a big deal as it doesn't change our day to day, but it'll be healthy for all of us to have some finalization and it will hopefully add another brick to his feeling of security and stabilization.  We all love him so much and it was great having a little guy (he just turned 7 and still believes in Santa) in the house at Christmas time.  Ian and Jake had a ball watching the buildup and Christmas morning.

On to Christmas morning and it did Deb and I's hearts well that Ian wanted to ready the Bible Christmas story (Luke) to us (normally I do it) before opening presents.  Perspective in our house starts with Christ's birth and the gift of eternal life before diving into the packages.

Ian and his b-ball team is killing it this year as they are 15-1 (winning two tournaments so far).  Middle school is trying to make him grow up fast than what we want, but at some time it had to happen (ha!). 

Program Select Tourney Champs
Lockwood Magic Tourney Champs
Jake is knocking out semester after semester working on his biology degree and we are seeing less and less of him since a certain little cutie caught his eye (and heart I believe) at SBU and right now he's out in Salina, KS during the break.  He's still longboarding tons and, much like a cyclist, already has four boards (each do a particular thing unique to the others) and no signs of stopping.  He's transitioning from a kid to an adult and while it's weird it's also a ton of fun making a new friend. 

Pictures coming at a later time, but for now that's what's shaking in my world...

Oh, speaking of Worlds, can't waiting for L'ville next month.  Hotel booked long ago and a great road trip with friends is on the horizon.