Friday, January 10, 2014

'13 Recap

Quick little recap of our 2013 family and racing highlights: 

First and foremost is the addition (adoption in February) of my youngest son Darion.  Incredible how over the past 2.5 years we have meshed perfectly into each others lives.  Lots of folk comment how fortunate he is to have us, but I mainly see it as we are the fortunate ones.


Ian played a ton of basketball and they finished the season 37-8.  I coached and we had a lot of fun.  Ian was an instant fan of sushi after his introduction this year.
Jumped in a couple road and mtb events, but not nearly as many as the years before as rehab on my back was a slow process (but successful by 'cross).
Early summer got crazy busy for us as we took the boys to Disney right after purchasing a new (to us) home.  Started moving not long after returning from Florida. 
Jake started his Junior year at SBU studying middle school math education and continued a relationship with a quality girlfriend (we like her lots).

With a healed up back it was time to get my 'cross on and it was by far the most fun I've had in years.  I embraced each start with a smile just happy being back competing after a year off.  Two significant injuries (quad and thighs) just weeks before the first races set me back a bit at the beginning, but once it got going the season went pretty well as I won a handful of local events and podiumed at several others.  Topped it off with a State Championship before calling it a season.
Deb and I hopped on a boat for a week in 80's (temps) while most of the Midwest was in the 20's. 
Christmas in the new house was great.
What's 2014 gonna look like?  For starters I was fortunate to join 360* Racing (also BikeSource), which for years I have I have respected as a competitive, classy, and well supported crew.  Motivation level is higher than ever for a season riding in support on the road, mixing it up on the SS mtb, which will all build toward another strong season of 'cross.