Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Some Family Fun

Fun week while Ian was at Evangel basketball camp Deb and I took the little man to Silver Dollar City (and later the movies).  Overcast and low turnout made for short lines and big fun.  Darion loved having full attention all day.  Stopped by Evangel on the way home and watched Ian's 3 on 3 team win the camp championship (he also ended up winning the 1 on 1 champ and the 'ball handler' award.

Photo-Bombed my our little man
Saturday one of my cousins got married and we all had a great time.  I don't think Ian and Darion had been to a wedding before so it was a good experience for them.  

I have to say it, Deb is so pretty

Grandma Smith

Sunday after church we threw some towels and sunscreen in the car and headed to White Water.  Stayed way longer than we expected as the lines (low attendance) were super short and we just kept going and going.  Boy Wonder (below) was trying to show off his abs (at least he thinks he has some...).  By the time we got home everyone was wiped out (but not before Ian and I played some 'dunk ball' at the house with 14 others).
Training is full on 'cross mode now and I'm using the same program that's got me where I want to be in mid-Sept and on for the past three years.  Way ahead of past years equipment wise as I have both bikes already set up and dialed and four sets of tubies glued (MXPs, PDX, Rhinos, and a training set of Vittorias).  Already at race weigh of last year and toying with taking it down 4-5lbs more (we'll see).

Jake is still getting his biking legs under him and I am loving cruising with him on the road.  Been doing a handful of night riding which we both enjoy.

Hit the last three Waffle races in Springfield put on by the fine folks of Mercy-Kuat.  Nothing new there except a much larger turnout, but relatively the same speed and efforts as the past years.  Always fun.